Serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Concepcion, Chile from November 2013---October 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Final Countdown

Nobody ever really rememebrs how they started, but they always remember how they finished. 

If it is with a race, a football game, or the mission, it does not really matter, the phrase works in every way. It is going to be a fun and great week for my companion and I, one of the best that I have in the mission yet! So much happened this week, that I do not even remember it all. We did have a baptism this week, a young kid of 18 years, he will be serving a mission for sure. And he is the first of his family, the rest have accepted fecha, they will be following the son's steps soon into the waters. I was thinking about someting that makes some sense to me, I do not remember where I read or heard the phrase but it is a good one. ¨Nobody ever really rememebrs how they started, but they always remember how they finished¨ Time to finish strong right?

It is getting hard to write home, just thinking about how much I miss all you guys and will see y'all in a bit!

E Siaosi

El Calendario

La Zona Bonita

 And 1

Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter to the President

Glad to have the rain back, it makes the mission a little more interesting. It feels good to be with people that really care about you and love to work hard, el Elder Lozano is a good guy. Thanks for letting us be together. This past week we found a lot of people that are progressing, though we did have a hard time getting the all committed to church. We had one investigator that is just golden, he even went to the temple with his girlfriend, loved it there, but ate something bad and got sick for the next day!  NO HAY QUE COMER MARISCOS RIGHT! Other than that, we are doing great, uniting ourselves with the members, leaving with them, bringing the people to the members houses.

I love the members, we are the best. Well we have to go, thanks for loving us here in Chile.

Elder SIaosi

Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Free Time

Finally I have some real time to write home! Running back and forth as a zone leader really has made it hard to write a nice long letter home! So I am with my new companion Elder Lozano right, he has 20 months on the mission, from Buenos Aires, and is a really great guy. Elder Copling and a new missionary Elder Holcombe are living with us now in the house. It was a big house for two, and now it is a small house for four ha. I was reading some stuff about finishing strong and came across this great talk. It touched me and I thought I would send it over. We mucst run with the intention to win!

Love Elder Siaosi

Know ye not that they which run in race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.   1 Corinthians 9:24 

 Thomas S. Monson

"On sunlit days during the noon hour, the streets of Salt Lake City abound with men and women who for a moment leave the confines of the tall office buildings and engage in that universal delight called window shopping. On occasion I, too, am a participant.

"One Wednesday I paused before the elegant show window of a prestigious furniture store. That which caught and held my attention was not the beautifully designed sofa nor the comfortable appearing chair that stood at its side. Neither was it the beautiful chandelier positioned overhead. Rather, my eyes rested on a small sign that had been placed at the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Its message was brief: 'FINISHERS WANTED.'

"The store had need of those persons who possessed the talent and the skill to make ready for final sale the expensive furniture the firm manufactured and sold. 'Finishers Wanted.' The words remained with me as I returned to the pressing activities of the day.

"In life, as in business, there has always been a need for those persons who could be called finishers. Their ranks are few, their opportunities many, their contributions great.

"From the very beginning to the present time, a fundamental question remains to be answered by each who runs the race of life. Shall I falter, or shall I finish? On the answer await the blessings of joy and happiness here in mortality and eternal life in the world to come." ("Finishers Wanted," Ensign, June 1989) be called finishers. Their ranks are few, their opportunities many, their contributions great.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Siaosi men are men of few words...

The Zone Talcahuano Norte

     Service Painting with the Investigators

    The Ward Missionaries

The Catholic Church

The Last Goodbye
My companion is going home so I made him corndogs!

The Suit Burning
Keeping up the tradition.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Flight Itinerary

Not much to tell about this week. I got my flight Itinerary. That is a little big. My companion and I went back to Chillan to buy him some recuerdos before he goes home. That is about it:)

Love and miss my family.
Elder SIaosi